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2nd-Jan-2025 06:25 pm - p e r m i s s i o n s
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o u t o f c h a r a c t e r

contact: [ profile] jailbirds
4th wall: Not preferred; that makes things way too confusing.
backtagging: Yes, but I really don't enjoy doing current timeline threads while doing more than one backtagging thread. Bad experiences in past games, lets just say? So definitely hash stuff out with me on plurk or something.
threadjacking: Be my guest!!
smut: thanks no thanks
timezone: US Eastern Standard
offensive subjects: I can't think of something that would offend me in a roleplay!

i n c h a r a c t e r

hugging: Absolutely; Alastair loves attention. ; A;
kiss: There is like a 1% chance where doing this would be a terrible idea. Pucker up.
flirt: In the rare occasion that he doesn't beat you to the punch, feel free!
fight: Bring it on.
injure: So long as we pre-plotted the scenario first, yes!
kill: Ahhh, no.

a b i l i t i e s

What is a bard? This'll answer a few questions.

Fun fact: Alastair is trilingual, in Common -- English, as we know it; Elven -- the language of Elves, duh; and Sylvan, the language of creatures associated with the wilderness.

In battle, Alastair is proficient in the following: bow/arrow, dagger throwing, knife fighting, and actually any one weapon he picks up so long as he says the magic word, for one minute per level. (1 min x 7 levels = 7 minutes.)

Alastair is a bard, and as such, has magical abilities tied to spell casting, and musical prowess. Stated in his app (or, more easily accessible, his bardic spells and abilities post) he has the ability to cast minor illusions, and spells to basically hypnotize a person into trusting his every word, controlling them through minor suggestion, and even handing him something in their possession. Of course, this doesn't work 100% of the time, and as these spells go, they cannot be used constantly. He is also supernaturally pro at deception, bluffing, and intimidation, but he is not without his flaws and will always have a small chance at not reaching the intended effect. (I know these links mean nothing with their "gain +2 bonus on aklhfksjglakjfad" so in translation out of a dice-tabletop-RPG-based game and into a written format, the best I can do is say, he's really good at it ok, but not necessarily perfect. Hell, I'll even use Random Number Generator in lieu of a dice roll if you really want.)

On top of that, Alastair's bardic music ability allows him to cast magical effects on himself and others via music played on his violin. This is not limited to hypnotic or negative effects! He can induce a variety of effects, typically Inspire Courage or something similar. Other funny spells he may utilize upon others include Distort Speech, Ironthunder Horn, and G'Elsewhere.

r i v e r p o w e r

Intangibility; the ability to pass through solid matter. His control over this power will be an uphill struggle but he may phase in and out of rooms or through materials in the presence of your character. (Or through your character??)

p l e a s e c o m m e n t ! !

I would love to explore these abilities of Alastair's in a written game setting -- but only if you allow me! So please do let me know in a comment here (for efficient record keeping) if you will or won't allow any of these in future if/when we plan to thread together! He is hardly a shark amongst fish, and there may never be a necessity for Alastair to exercise his deception muscles around your character, but please let me know what you're okay with!

Like, how do I know if intangibility is your character's phobia or something? I would feel like a serious jerk, so.
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